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Conventional refrigerating machines

Speaking of the mainstream of refrigerating machines, it is a technique called air blasting which puts ingredients in cold air and freezes. It has been adopted by many manufacturers such as household and commercial refrigerator, and it is widely popular due to its ease of use. Despite its widespread use, it is frozen. The ingredients are evaluated lower when the taste falls compared to before freezing.The reason for this is that when frozen in an air blast refrigerator, the crystal of ice becomes as large as about 200 microns, destroying meat and fish cells (20 to 30 microns), umami and nutrients flow out.

The liquid freezer.

It is a method of freezing liquid improves the weakness of the conventional freezing method. The liquid freezer utilized the fact that liquid has higher thermal conductivity than air. This liquid refrigeration system is capable of cooling ice crystals to as low as 5 microns, It can be suppressed to the size, and cell destruction of fresh food that occurs in the freezing process can be reduced as much as possible. This freezing method is drawing attention, because after thawing, the quality unchanged compared to the food before freezing (taste, texture, look).

Liquid freezing machine developed by our company.

"Hayabusa" and "ReCella" developed and commercialized by our Company are large and small refrigerating machines for food processing plants and shops that utilize the principle of liquid freezing. The method of use is to cool the frozen solution selected by our company with a liquid freezing machine to cool down to -35 ° C, pack vacuum so that the ingredients do not touch the liquid, or degassed into a commercially available zipper pack, seal it and soak it in liquid It is method. From fresh foods such as meat and fish, kneaded materials such as kamaboko, Japanese pastry confectionery, udon, soba noodle materials, vegetables and fruits, etc. can be quickly frozen.If you prepare and leave it quickly frozen when there is time, you can respond to large orders, seasonal limited rare ingredients can be preserved for a long time fresh. ur liquid freezer is a device that can respond the needs of various customers and will generate profits for companies and shops.

Liquid freezing machines are so excellent

Liquid freezing machines can be frozen at 20 times faster than ordinary freezers. When slowly freezing, the crystals of ice grow larger and hurt the cells, when fast freezing, the ice crystals become smaller and you can avoid damaging the cells.

Large ice crystals hurt the cells.
Meat frozen in a general freezer and thawed. Juice has come out. Meat which was frozen quickly in a liquid freezer and thawed. Juice has not appeared
Meat which juce has come out. Quick frozen meat.
Micrograph of raw salmon frozen in a general freezer. This cell tissue has collapsed. Photomicrograph of raw salmon flash-frozen in ReCella80. This cell tissue is maintained.
Micrograph of raw salmon frozen in a general freezer Quick frozen sea bream cells.
Cooperation: Nagoya University.

See this video introducing the advantages of rapid freezing and ReCella, a small liquid freezer.↓↓

Advantages of freezing alcohol in slurry sate.
Freezing alcohol in slurry sate.

Why should I freeze the alcohol in a slurry state

Cooling alcohol at 60% (w / w) concentration to -45 ° C causes it to freeze because it falls below the freezing point. Because the concentration of alcohol is relatively high, it becomes a slurry state when stirring, and you can quickly freeze it by putting in food.

  • Alcohol in slurry state has a higher thermal conductivity than liquid alcohol, it takes away heat by slurry alcohol melting, so you can freeze foods faster than alcohol alone.
  • As cooling ice can be accumulated as alcohol ice, food is quickly frozen with less power consumption.
  • As long as the thriller-like ice remains in the cooling tank, the temperature will not increase much even if the food is frozen repeatedly.

Our small liquid freezer ReCella uses a Stirling cooler, so it is a liquid freezer that can easily cool down to the temperature range where alcohol becomes slurry even with small electric power.

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Food freezing with liquid freezer.

Quickly freeze pork with liquid freezer Recella.

Quick freeze the sardines with liquid freezer Recella.

Frozen salmon quickly with liquid freezer Recella.

Quick freezing horse mackerel with liquid freezer Recella.

Popsicle made with liquid freezer ReCella.

Quick freezing Konjac with liquid freezer ReCella.

Useing the Liquid Freezer ReCella 150 to cool Ice pack.

About frozen ingredients.
Vegetables / fruits Meat Fresh fish Seafood Processed・cooked goods
Wild vegetables Beef Tuna Shrimp Side dish
Burdock root Pork Red snapper Octopus Box lunch
Yam Chicken Blaze Squid Roast beef
Broccoli Internal organs Anko Abalone Pudding
Mango Foie gras Horse mackerel Salmon roe Yogurt
Papaya Ham Blowfish Caviar Cake
Approximate standard freezing time
Unit minutes
Thickness /Foodstuff Beef・Tuna Pork・Chicken・Lever White fish Boiled food Salmon Ham・Salmon roe
2cm 8~12 10~12 8~12 7~9 10~12 12~14
5cm 40~50 40~50 40~50 35~45 40~50 45~65
8cm 60~80 70~90 60~80 50~60 70~90 80~90
10cm 70~90 80~100 70~90 60~70 100~120 100~120
Comparison of various quick freezers
A:Execellent B:Good C:Worse D:Worst
Type of refrigerator Quality Time taken
for freezing
Usability Introduction
Good・It is widely used as home use and business use.
Good・Easy to use.
Good・Cheap price.
Bad  ・It takes time to freeze.
Bad  ・Quality after thawing meat and fish are bad, and
           dripping too much juice.

Liquid freezing
Good・After defrosting meat and fish the quality is good
            and almost no juice.
Good・Easy to use.
Bad  ・Frozen in alcohol therefore it's need to pack.
CAS freezing
Good・After defrosting meat and fish the quality is good
            and almost no juice.
Good・Easy to use.
Bad  ・Recently low-priced items have been sold,
          but in general the price of the equipment is high.
Bad  ・Cooling is performed using a large cooler and
           a magnetic field generator, so running cost is high.
Proton freezing
Good・After defrosting meat and fish the quality is good
            and almost no juice.
Good・Easy to use.
Bad  ・Recently low-priced items have been sold,
            but in general the price of the equipment is high.
Bad  ・Cooling is performed using a large cooler, magnetic
           field generator, and electromagnetic wave generator,
           so running cost is high.
Refrigerator for
fishing boats
Good・Since it cools at ultralow temperature, the quality
            after thawing is better than that of a general
Good・Refrigerating machines used in tuna fishing boats,
            large items can also be refrigerated.
Bad  ・The purpose and place to use are limited.
Dry ice Good・Good quality, as it is frozen at ultralow temperature
             using dry ice.
Bad  ・Since it is necessary to prepare dry ice to freeze
             it is costly.
Bad  ・Equipment to store dry ice is required separately.
Liquid nitrogen
Good・Even when thawing, juice does not ooze at all,
            quality is the best.
Bad  ・Handling of liquid nitrogen is difficult.
Bad  ・It consumes liquid nitrogen, which is costly.
Bad  ・Foods with a thickness of 12 mm or more may
            crack when frozen.
Temperature and food storage period
Breedingrange of
    More than 36℃. Temperature at which moisture begins to escape from food.
Optimal temperature range for bacteria to
Meat pigment begins to change temperature. 10    
(18℃~-7℃) 9    
Foodstuff bleeding out much juce at more than 5℃ temperature. 5    
  At temperatures lower than 5℃., there is very little juice from the food. 4    
  Temperature range where the crystals of ice are the largest.
-2   The speed of passing through the temperature range of -1 to -5 ° C during freezing determines the quality of the food.
  Can save food for 1 year.(-18℃) -20    
  Can save food for 2 year.(-60℃) -60    
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