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Liquid freezing machine Hayabusa(ハヤブサ)
Characteristics of liquid freezer Hayabusa
Operation schedule of liquid freezer Hayabusa

Automatic switching of standby temperature and working temperature according to daily work schedule.

The liquid freezing machine Hayabusa can use two temperature settings of temperature setting required for freezing operation and temperature setting of standby state not in use by switching over time.For example, when not using at midnight as shown in the figure, set temperature to 0 ° C and try to save electricity.When before 3 hours and a half of the set work start time comes, the set temperature is switched to -35 ° C and the temperature is lowered so that work can be started at 8:30 AM at the work start time.And at 5:30 pm of the work end time, set the standby temperature to 0 ℃ and try to conserve electricity when not in use.It is easy to change with switch using standby temperature or not using, it can flexibly cope with overtime hours work.

*How to lower the liquid temperature depends on surrounding environment.Please take responsibility of the standby temperature, start time of working temperature, start time of standby temperature under customer's responsibility.

Dimension chart of liquid freezer Hayabusa
Drawing of liquid freezer Hayabusa
Specification table of liquid freezer Hayabusa
Model name HS-001
Mode NLF-160
Stirring method agitator method
Size    W 1146
(mm)   D 646
      H 1148
Refrigerator For medium / low temperature
Refrigerator output 1.5kW
Frozen function 50/60Hz  -15℃ 2465/2865W
Liquid volume 126ℓ
1can15kg  9缶
Freezing space    W 650
           D 430
Effectiveness(mm) H 250
Cooler Cooling stainless steel pipe system
Body weight About179kg
Rated power supply Three-phase 200V  50/60Hz

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