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Liquid  Freezer  ReCella80
Characteristics of liquid freezer reseller 80
Display unit of liquid freezer ReCella80
  • We adopted fluorescent display tube and capacitance touch panel, Control display that is easy to see and operate.
  • The industry's first liquid quick freezer that adopts Sterling cooler, As it is low power consuption of power consumption maximum 144 W (about 2 light bulbs), if you continue to use it without power off, you don't need to wory about electric bills.
  • You can use the household power supply as it is.
  • It is compact enough to be used on the kitchen workbench.
Dimensional drawing of ReCella80
drawing of ReCella80
Specification table of liquid freezer ReCella80
Model NLF-80N
Body dimensions  W 619
(mm)      D 467
          H 390
Refrigerator Sterling cooler
Cooling performance More than 60W(at -23℃)
Cooling method Heat pipe
Liquid 10ℓ
1can  16ℓ 0.6can
Tank space      W 302
           D 232
Effectiveness(mm) H 120(Liquid 10ℓ)
Gross weight 33kg
Power consumption(DC24V) 144W(Max)
Setting temperature range 0~-49℃
Timer setting time (minutes) 1~999(minutes)
Display resolution Vacuum fluorescent display
Display machine size 83.08(W)×20.68(H)(mm)
Display resolution 256(W)×64(H)(Dot)
Input touch panel Capacitive touch panel
Accessories AC adapter  DC24V  150W

ReCella is ideal as a freezing machine for kitchen use.

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