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Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid freezer ReCella.

Q1 What is liquid freezer ReCella.

It is a quick freezer developed by Albanex Co.,Ltd. By immersing food staff in a frozen liquid at -35 ° C rather than a freezer that is frozen by cold air so far, freezing is realized at 20 times the speed of air freezing.

Q2 What is different from liquid freezer ReCella from other freezers?

  • The liquid freezer can freeze foodstuffs 20 times faster than air blasting.
  • It does not hurt the cells of fresh food so it is not juiceable.
  • About one sixth of the size of a refrigerator of the same capacity.
  • Long-term preservation is possible because the frozen state is good.

Q3 What is the juice that comes out when thawing the frozen fresh food?

Juice is the liquid that comes out of the thawed meat and fish.It contains nutrients such as proteins, amino sans, salts, vitamins and umami, and when it is lost, the taste and quality of the food deteriorates.

Q4 Why does not the juice come out even if thawing the food material frozen in the liquid freezer?

It is thought that juice comes out by freezing of ice which can be done inside and outside the cell during freezing process by destroying the cells. The size of this ice crystal is different depending on the freezing speed (speed passing from -1 ℃ to -5 ℃), the faster the freezing speed, the more fines the crystal is thought, the less cell damage.Liquid freezing machine ReCella developed by Albanex Co. can pass through a temperature zone of -1 ℃ -5 ℃ at a speed 20 times faster than a general refrigerator, so we can freeze the food with less damage.

Q5 Is not it better to freeze at a lower temperature?

Of course the quality is better if frozen at -30 ℃ than -20 ℃.However, it is not the temperature of the surroundings that is necessary for good quality freezing, it is the speed to pass the temperature range (-1 ℃ -5 ℃) that the ice can do.The thermal conductivity of liquid is 10 to 20 times that of air. There is a big difference in the speed of freezing even at the same temperature.

Q6 What kind of scene can you use the liquid freezer ReCella?

Fishery Processing Plant, Meat Processing Place, Hotel, Side Restaurant、Yakiniku store, dumpling store, edamame processing,Dressing processing, cake processing, home delivery bento shop, kimchi processing, etc.

Q7 Can you frozen anything with ReCella liquid freezer?

Besides meat and fresh fish, we can realize excellent freezing both inferior goods, prepared dishes, wild plants, noodles, soups, shellfish, crustaceans, parcel delivery lunch, etc. However, some are not suitable for fruits and vegetables with high water content. We encourage customers to freeze the food stuff they want to freeze with our liquid freezer and make a study to purchase after checking the quality of freezing.

Q8 What is different from other liquid freezers made by other companies?

Liquid freezing machine "ReCella" has a liquid capacity of 20 L and is desk-top type. No other company models can cool the liquid to -40 ° C with this shape. Although other companies' products use a compressor, our company developed a liquid freezing machine that adopted Sterling cooler on its own.

Q9 Examples of introducing liquid freezes up to now?

Aquatic product wholesale market, fishing boat, fishery processing plant, hotel, prepared food store, trout farm, shrimp farm, barbecue shop, noodle shop, etc.

Q10 Method of preserving food stuffs after frozen?

After quick freezing with a liquid freezer it can be stored in a general freezer. However, when storing in a freezer with a defrost function, we recommend storing it in a cardboard box.

Q11Please tell me how to decompress.

No special thawing machine is needed. Either by naturally thawing at normal temperature, or by thawing with running water, whatever you do is fine. When frozen in a liquid freezer, the state of frozen ingredients is very good, so quality will not change with thawing method.

Q12 Other questions.

Details are posted on our website as well, so please have a look.

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