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Solar power generation solution business
Solar panels

Solar photovoltaic power generation was started with government aiming to reduce carbon dioxide. In today's situation where nuclear power generation is difficult to resume, further expectations are directed toward solar power generation.We have continued to provide prompt and accurate consulting services to individuals and business owners who wish to establish solar power generation business. Starting the solar business is not easy. In order to obtain a large capacity it is necessary not only to have a large land for installing a large amount of panels but also to study from various angles such as the sunshine and the climate of the land and the power infrastructure are being maintained.In addition, selection of power equipment such as panel and power conditioner In order to start the solar project such as requesting electric grid interconnection with existing electric power companies and submitting equipment certification to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, various procedures for certification and application you have to do.We introduce to customers who wish to offer land while explaining the merit of solar power generation business to customers who desire power generation business, undertake complicated accreditation, application procedure, the customer actually started the power generation business We will be happy to help you.


Shibata city, Niigata Prefecture  Tsukioka Solar Power Station  1MW  During power generation

Tsukioka Solar Power Station

Niigata City Niigata Prefecture   Niitsu Solar Power Station   2MW   During power generation

Niitsu Solar Power Station

Niigata ken Agano City   Caeman golf course race photovoltaic power plant  20MW  Construction schedule

Niigata Prefecture Agano-shi  Yamadera  photovoltaic power plant  30MW  Construction schedule

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