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Liquid freezing machine ReCella150L
characteristics of liquid freezer recella150L

Before freezing.

Before freezing.

About 50cm fish can be quich freez.

About 50cm fish can be quich freez with ReCella150L.

After freezing.

After freezing.
  • 500×200mm wide space is this products feature . 
    One whole fish of about 50cm can be quickly frozen.
  • You can use the household power supply as it is.
  • It is compact enough to be used on the kitchen workbench.
Dimension drawing of liquid freezer recella150
Specification table of liquid freezer ReCella150
Model NLF-150L
Body dimensions  W 670
(mm)      D 630
          H 355
Refrigerator Sterling cooler
Cooling performance 120W±15%(at -23℃)
Cooling method Heat pipe
Liquid 20ℓ
1Can 16ℓ 1.4Can
Tank space     W 500
          D 250
Effectiveness(mm) H 140(When using liquid 22ℓ.)
Gross weight 49kg
Power consumption(DC48V) 200W(max)
Setting temperature range 0~-49℃
Timer setting time (minutes) 1~999(minutes)
Display machine Vacuum fluorescent display
Display machine size 83.08(W)×20.68(H)(mm)
Display resolution 256(W)×64(H)(Dot)
Input touch panel Capacitive touch panel
Accessories AC adapter  DC48V  280W

ReCella is ideal as a freezing machine for kitchen use.

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Catalog download of liquid freezer ReCella 150, 80.

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You can see ReCella150L in Toyosu

You can see Liquid Freezer ReCella150L at Sanki store in Toyosu Tokyo Japan.

If you want to try something quick freeze . Please call us.

Contact name Mr.Tukada.


Sanki Co.,Ltd

Address:4th floor Block 6 Toyosu Market 5-5-1 Toyosu Koutouku Tokyo Japan.

Transportation :  Shijo-mae on the Yuricamome Line


Get off at Shijo-mae station, walk on the pedestrian deck as shown on the map and head toward Suisan-Nakaoroshi-Ridge.

Toyosu map

4th floor  Uogashi-Yokocyo 魚がし横丁

Enter the Suisan-Nakaoroshi-Ridge and go to the 4th floor, and then head to the Sanki store as shown on the map.

4th Floor Map
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