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Small liquid freezing machine for kitchen ReCella.
Small liquid freezing machine ReCella150 Small liquid freezing machine ReCella150

About small liquid freezer ReCella.

Liquid freezing machine ReCella is a quick freezer developed mainly for use in kitchen. Since electricity consumption is low, electricity bills are cheaped even if the power is on all the time.(ReCella150 Consumption max. 200W)After freezing the extra ingredients quickly, store them in a freezer, thaw them, if necessary, and cook them and offer them to customers.

Major features of liquid freezer ReCella.

It can be used on the kitchen workbench, size and weight.
ReCella150   Size   D248×W355.5×H164(mm)   Weight  48kg
ReCella80     Size   D232×W302×H120(mm)      Weight  33kg
※The tank is empty
You can use the household power supply as it is.
ReCella150  Power consumption max 200w
ReCella80    Power consumption max 144w

Advantages of cooling with alcohol frozen like slurry.

The tank capacity of reseller 80 is about 10 liters, but you can freeze food efficiently by freezing alcohol like slurry.

Quick freeze in alcole like slurry.

Using ReCella 80, quickly freeze ingredients in frozen alcohol.

The tank capacity of ReCella80 is about 10 liters, but by freezing alcohol it is possible to freeze foods efficiently.

Liquid freezer ReCella80. Quick Freezing with frozen alcohol.

I packed the hot water into the bag, immersed it into freezing alcohol and quickly frozen it.Please see how hot water freezes and finally cracks.

Liquid freezer ReCella80. quick freeze foodstuff in frozen alcohol.

Frozen salmon, tuna, bird's thigh quickly in frozen alcohol.

Catalog download of liquid freezer ReCella 150, 80.

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